Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus May-June 2013

Important 710 Update

710City officials continue to closely monitor plans by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) about expanding SR-710 through Pasadena. In April, Metro held its latest meetings for the SR-710 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Stakeholder Advisory Outreach Committee (SOAC). A broad range of alternatives and options remain, including:

• Completing the 4.5-mile “gap” with a tunnel

• A “No Build” Option

• Bus Rapid Transit Line

• Light Rail Transit Line

• Other surface strategies/projects.

Although Pasadena residents and businesses will be directly impacted if the project is built, the decision to proceed is not under City control.

The City will continue to update residents on developments through future issues of Pasadena in Focus and online at www.cityofpasadena.net/sr710. The next Metro TAC and SOAC meetings are scheduled for July 2013.

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