Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus May-June 2013

Fight the Mosquito Bite!

biteHelp “Fight the Bite” and help eliminate breeding spots for pesky mosquitos. Remember:

• Remove or drain anything that has stagnant water.

• Keep roof gutters; ponds, swimming pools & spas clean

• Change water in fountains, bird baths & wading pools weekly

• Stock ponds with mosquito-eating fish

Prevent mosquito bites by:

• Using proper mesh screens on windows & doors

• Covering up with long-sleeve shirts and applying repellents to exposed skin

• Limiting outdoor activities during sunrise and sunset

More information is at westnile.ca.gov/mosquito_control.htm .

Report problem locations and get mosquito fish by contacting City’s Environmental Health Division, (626) 744-6004.

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