Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena in Focus, March - April 2013

Pasadena Worships The Sun

Haz solar?Celebrate Earth Day in April with three cheers for the sun! Our beloved glowing orb gives us Earthlings an invaluable source of clean, limitless energy that can power our homes and businesses with ZERO emissions.

PWP is proud to report that Pasadena is on its way to making the sun our fuel of choice! Through PWP’s Pasadena Solar Initiative, hundreds of savvy homeowners have installed rooftop solar systems that are now churning out a megawatt of power every day, relieving the burden on our power grid, weaning Pasadena’s reliance on coal and cutting solar customers’ energy bills to jaw-dropping lows.

With new systems installed every week, Pasadena is already a quarter of the way to its goal of installing 14 megawatts of solar by the year 2017.

Get in on the action; lower your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint! Buy or lease a new solar system and you can earn super-low power bills, generous PWP rebates, a federal tax credit worth up to 30 percent of the cost (through 2016), plus compensation for any surplus electricity your home doesn’t use. And watch for a streamlined PowerClerk solar rebate application this spring, used by utilities throughout the state.

Learn more about the stellar benefits of solar at www.PWPweb.com/Solar.

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