Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2013

PWP Greens the Arroyo

As if restoring Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco Canyon wasn’t rewarding enough, PWP recently won the 2012 Arroyo Verde Award for “Greening the Arroyo” from the Arroyo Seco Foundation.

Working in partnership with the Foundation, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District and the California Department of Water Resources, PWP is working to maximize its use of mountain runoff while protecting and enriching the historic canyon.

With $3.2 million received in Prop. 84 funding, PWP will be upgrading its stream intake structure and spreading basins in the Upper Arroyo to allow more mountain runoff to seep into the City’s groundwater table. With work under way through December 2015, the project will also restore native plants and remove invasive varieties, improve the fish habitat, and add a public restroom, signage, picnic tables and a drinking fountain
for visitors.

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