Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2013

Power Rates Get a Check-Up

With help from expert consultants at Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc., PWP is undergoing a comprehensive power rate study that will be completed this spring.

Conducted every five to 10 years, these studies allow PWP to make sure it’s charging competitive rates while providing adequate funds to invest in our systems and maintaining the highest level of reliable, quality service for our customers.

Using industry trends, market conditions and other indicators, Burns & McDonnell will project whether PWP is collecting enough revenue to cover costs and support environmental goals, distributed generation projects (such as solar power rebates, energy storage and incentives for other customer projects) and infrastructure investments during the next decade. The team is also interviewing PWP’s largest customers about their changing power needs.

Once the study is complete, PWP will present a proposed rate design to the Pasadena City Council. PWP customers will have an opportunity to review and comment. Watch for more news this spring at www.PWPweb.com.

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