Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2013

“FoldnGo Pasadena” Combines Folding Bicycles with Public Transit

Bike “FoldnGo Pasadena” is the hip, new bicycle program that combines the convenience of a folding bicycle and public transit! FoldnGo Pasadena, administered by CalStart, was launched in October 2012 to encourage the use of folding bikes for short commutes to the bus stop or Gold Line stations.

Program users enjoy a subsidy of $220 towards the purchase of a Dahon folding bicycle from exclusive local retailer Incycle. To qualify for this program, commuters must live, work or study at a college in Pasadena and pledge to use their folding bike for at least two days per week to commute to, or from, a bus or Metro station. Funding for the FoldnGo program is provided by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the City of Pasadena. For details, visit www.foldngobike.com or call (626) 744-7464.

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