Pasadena In Focus
November-December 2012

Emergency Preparedness Reminders

How prepared are you for an emergency? The one-year anniversary of Pasadena’s 2011 Windstorm and the devastating impacts on the East Coast from Super Storm Sandy serve as important reminders to get prepared today.

Pasadena Public Safety Officials offer these tips and reminders:

• You should have at least enough emergency supplies for everybody in your household, including pets, to survive three days following a major disaster or emergency.

• It could take utility services many hours, if not days, to be turned back on. Have batteries, car chargers and solar-operated chargers for radios and communications devices. Many businesses and residents also should consider portable generators as part of their supplies.

• Keep your food, water, flashlights, weather gear, clothes and medical supplies handy for those stored in an ice chest or other multi-purpose containers. Your “Go Kit” should include copies of key personal documents and a small amount of cash, if possible, as ATMs and credit cards might not be accessible right away.

Need more tips? Watch an informative, 12-minute disaster preparedness video posted at www.cityofpasadena.net/Disaster_Preparedness_Video. The video is available in English and Spanish and also with captions and audio descriptions.

Sign up online to receive texts and calls from Pasadena’s Local Emergency Alert System at www.cityofpasadena.net/Fire/PLEAS and then go to www.Nixle.com for additional police information. Using both ensures multiple paths for critical info to reach you.

Call Pasadena Water & Power at (626) 744-4673 for power outage emergencies and for water-related emergencies, call (626) 744-4138. Remember, let the professionals handle downed power lines!



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