Pasadena In Focus
November-December 2012

Plastic Bag Ban Update

Effective December 31, 2012, Pasadena’s Plastic Bag Ordinance will now include grocery stores less than 10,000 square feet in size, plus smaller food markets, liquor stores, convenience stores, farmers’ markets, drugstores, pharmacies and vendors at City-sponsored events. Your favorite restaurants and fast food restaurants are not included, however.

The additions follow the first phase of the Plastic Bag Ordinance that went into effect July 2012. The result has been fewer plastic bags seen in Pasadena since the ordinance was implemented at major grocery stores and foodmarts with gross annual sales of at least $2 million or larger than 10,000 square feet that also have a pharmacy.

Any store that provides a recyclable paper bag to a customer will be able to charge customers 10 cents for each bag provided. However, recyclable paper carryout bags distributed at farmers’ markets, City- sponsored events and activities held at City properties and facilities will remain free.

For more information, call the City Planning Department, (626) 744-4009, or go to www.cityofpasadena.net/GreenCity/Plastic_Bag_Ban_Ordinance.

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