Pasadena In Focus
November-December 2012

SR-710 Study Update

City officials continue to monitor regional transportation plans regarding several possible extension routes of SR-710 through Pasadena and the possible impacts to our community. Residents are encouraged to bookmark and regularly check the City’s website at www.cityofpasadena.net/ sr710 for updates about the SR-710 study and proposed project.

Several recent City Council meetings and local panel discussions have served residents with opportunities to share their concerns with local and state officials and with representatives for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro). Following hours of public comment, the City Council took a formal position on August 13 in opposition to a number of freeway alternatives being considered by Metro. City Council and staff are actively monitoring Metro’s process to ensure that Pasadena’s concerns and interests are represented and achieved.

Metro is the lead local agency for the study while the California Department of Transportation is the lead state agency. Metro continues to have the current “SR-710 Study” in an early analysis phase. Although Pasadena, its residents and businesses will be directly impacted if the project is built, the project is not under local control by the City.

A primary goal of the project is to complete the 710 Freeway “gap” by building a 4.5-mile extension route through Pasadena that could connect the freeway with other transportation corridors—including possible connections to the I-210 Freeway or Highway 134. Metro’s previously stated goal is to help alleviate regional freeway congestion and improve mobility in the overall study area bounded by State Route 2 and the Interstate 10, 210 and 605 Freeways.

Elected officials from the state, county and municipal levels representing the project area’s multi-city and community region, including Pasadena, have expressed concerns about the possible negative environmental and quality of life impacts in addition to a project price tag that will run into the billions.

Although any final decision is still many years away, the City Council and staff will remain engaged to represent Pasadena’s interests

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