Pasadena In Focus
November-December 2012

New Busses Roll Into Town


What’s new, big, clean, quiet, user friendly, easy on the environment and doesn’t smell like diesel exhaust?

If you’re a regular rider with Pasadena’s Area Rapid Transit System (ARTS), you probably already know.

If you’re not, it’s time you hop aboard one of 15 new ARTS buses! Not only are they quiet, comfy and just plain fun to ride in, but they use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and are replacing the City’s fleet of old diesel buses to help us improve our air and the quality of life in Pasadena.

We have five 25-foot Ford shuttle-style buses that seat 20 passengers and 10 new 32-foot El Dorado low-floor, heavy-duty transit buses that seat 30 passengers. The buses were built locally by workers in Southern California and cost Pasadena about $4 million, using the City’s share of Proposition A and C Los Angeles County sales tax revenue monies used to support local transit services.

Ever since the new buses have been rolling down Pasadena’s streets, our local ARTS service has seen improved on-time performance and overall quality of service to customers, said Fred Dock, Director of Pasadena’s Department of Transportation.

Dock said customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “Customers are very happy with the new buses, a real thumbs-up ride,” Dock said.

So, get on board. Try out the new buses for yourself. The base fare is 75 cents for adults; 50 cents for youths K-12; and just 35 cents for seniors and disabled. To learn more about ARTS bus routes and buy ARTS Ticket Books call (626) 744-4055 or book online at www.cityofpasadena.net/artsbus.



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