Pasadena In Focus
September - October 2012

New Landscaping Trend Making Waves in Water Savings

The Turf Removal Program has helped 153 water customers replace more than 220,000 square feet of water-thirsty grass with water-wise landscaping. Water savings are now 10 million gallons and counting! These beautiful landscapes will be in a good position to weather harsher conditions when—not if—Pasadena experiences another water shortage or drought.

Now is the best time for homeowners to start planning a garden makeover and sign up for the rebate program. Get $1 for every square foot of living grass replaced with eligible landscaping. Fall plantings get an extra boost from autumn rains and milder temperatures, making an even more spectacular debut come spring. Before beginning your project, go to www.PWPweb.com/TurfRemoval.

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