Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2012

Be Fire Safe: Clear Brush Now

fireThe Pasadena Fire Department wants to remind all property owners to clear out overgrown brush and vegetation now.

A brochure at www.cityofpasadena.net/ fire outlines State-mandated requirements for brush clearance. The Pasadena Fire Department can also answer any questions you may have about hazardous vegetation management and brush clearance. Call us at (626) 744-7177.

The Fire Department does not recommend indiscriminate clearing of native chaparral due to the important role native plants play in slope stabilization and erosion control. However, tall grass and weeds should be mowed and shrubs and trees should be trimmed.

Clean up leaves, needles and twigs from roof gutters and keep your property free of dried cuttings and wood piles. Soak trees and shrubs monthly to maintain leaf moisture content and mulch flat planting areas at least three inches deep to suppress weeds.

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