Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2012

Public Safety Memorial Service Held

bagpipesThe first Public Safety Memorial service by the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments was held May 15 to honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duties in Pasadena.

This was the first of what City officials hope to be an annual joint Police and Fire Memorial Service, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said.

May is the traditional time of year when such services are held across the country, according to Pasadena Fire Chief Calvin Wells.

Pasadena’s ceremony included a 21-Gun Salute and the Ringing of the Bell to commemorate the lives lost. To date, six Pasadena police officers and nine firefighters have lost their lives protecting our community. Those honored at the event include:

PASADENA FIREFIGHTERS (Names and Year of Death): 

wreathsEngineer Kevin Moore, 2011
Firefighter Henry Salas, 1983
Asst. Chief Donald G. Palmer, 1964
Engineer Hobert Surbur, 1956
Hoseman George Flannery, 1944
Engineer Erwin C. Draper, 1940
Hoseman Daniel Rogers, 1932
Hoseman Edgar R. Talbot, 1930
Hoseman Arthur L. Johnson, 1928


Officer Kyle Ballard, 2006
Agent Richard F. Morris, 1969
Sgt. Robert W. Speight, 1964
Juvenile Officer Dennis P. Lamar, 1961
Patrolman Clarence E. Peck, 1911
Motorcycle Patrolman John T. Slade, 1909

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