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July - August 2012

Summer Safety Tips from Pasadena FD

Summer Safety Tips from Pasadena FD

Follow these tips from the Pasadena Fire Department for safe and sane summer parties.

  • First, remember that all fireworks are illegal in Pasadena, and violators face vehicle impounds, year-long jail terms and fines up to $50,000. Eliminate your risk by watching the fireworks spectacular at the Rose Bowl instead.
  • If you’re jumping in the pool, never take your eye off young swimmers, even if they’ve had lessons, and don’t rely on plastic inner tubes or “floaties” to keep them safe. Teach your kids not to run around the pool, or dive into the shallow end, or push, jump on or dunk other swimmers. Designate a “spotter” during parties to watch kids at all times.
  • Keep a cordless phone by the pool and call 911 in an emergency. Don’t hang up until the operator does first. When the pool is not in use, keep the gate locked and toys stashed out of sight.

For more summer safety tips, call (626) 744-4675.



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