Pasadena In Focus
March-April 2012

Be Cool: Plant Trees the Right Way

housePWP and the city’s Forestry Division work together to keep more than 60,000 public trees clear of power lines and thinned so that wind blows right through. Even so, our urban forest was no match for December’s hurricane-force windstorm, which damaged or toppled thousands of trees of all varieties on both public and private property.

With a few months of cooler weather left to come, tree planting is on Pasadena’s mind. Just as the city is carefully planning any replacement of public trees, residents are urged to plant new trees with special care.

Be sure to place new trees so that when full-grown they will be safely away from power lines. To keep them strong and wind-proof, prune them regularly and appropriately, during the right season for each particular species. Finally, consider selecting a shade tree from PWP’s Cool Trees Program – there are more than 37 species to choose from. Shade trees come with a rebate of up to $50 each because they help clean the air and cut air conditioning costs by up to 20 percent.

For rebate info and a downloadable guidebook for safe tree planting, visit www.PWPweb.com/cooltrees.

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