Pasadena In Focus
Jan - Feb 2012

We’re Still Digging Out!

The windstorm has left many with a to-do list.

In some cases Pasadena Water and Power came up with
temporary fixes to get people’s power up and running again and will be making permanent repairs over the next few months. If you sustained damage to private equipment or house wiring and you’re still without power, you’ll need to have a licensed electrician make repairs before PWP can reconnect your service. Call
744-4495 if you have questions or call 744-4673 to report outages.

If a tree on your private property has fallen or may fall, call the Planning Department at
744-4009. No permit is needed to remove immediate hazards, but Planning needs to document the type, size and location of the tree. Report fallen or damaged public trees to 744-4321.

If you need a new fence or minor roof repairs, call the Planning Department at
744-4009. For major roof repairs or building or electrical meter damage, call the Building and Safety Division at 744-4200.

Pasadena continues to work with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management to secure state and federal disaster aid. If your property was hit hard, please provide an accurate total of your damages by dialing 2-1-1 or
visiting www.211LA.org.

Visit www.cityofpasadena.net/ windstorm_2011 for complete information about windstorm recovery.


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