Pasadena In Focus
Jan - Feb 2012

Save the Oaks by Buying Local

Pasadena is on the lookout for goldspotted oak borers, tiny pests that could infest the city’s oak trees. The bugs move from one region to another, even burrowing into shipments of oak firewood.

You can help stop the spread by buying only locally grown (within 50 miles) oak firewood and watching your oak trees. Dime-sized red or black stains, blistering or oozing on the surface, a thinning crown or premature leaf, twig and branch droppings signal an infestation that can eventually kill a tree.

Only hire a certified arborist to inspect your oak tree and advise you. A list of local certified arborists is available at www.cityofpasadena.net under FYI Pasadena. See photos of goldspotted oak borers, learn more and report sightings at www.gsob.org or call the Parks and Natural Resources Division of the Public Works Department at (626) 744-4321.

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