Pasadena In Focus
Nov-Dec 2011

Once-a-Week, If You Please

dialWhen Pasadena boldly announced it would be the only SoCal city to go to a once-per-week winter watering schedule during its recent water shortage, neighboring cities were scratching their heads. “Will Pasadena’s green thumbs point up or down, and won’t their lawns turn brown?”
Not only did our landscapes stay gorgeously green, but Pasadena water customers embraced the new ordinance as a smart way to preserve our limited supply. Setting sprinkler controllers to once a week was the most effective way to slash water waste and consumption during the two-year shortage.

Most property owners now realize that SoCal lawns need far less irrigation in winter than we once thought. Most turf varieties go dormant and can live just fine on a once-a-week drink. More frequent rain and reduced evaporation thanks to cooler weather also help keep the ground moist, cutting the need for sprinklers.

While the once-a-week rule is no longer mandatory, there’s no reason to stop saving. This winter, remember to set your sprinkler controller to water once a week before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Don’t forget to check the weather and shut off your sprinklers completely on rainy days, as anti-water waste rules are permanent, water shortage or not. Visit www.cityofpasadena.net/waterandpower/savewater for more information.

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