Pasadena In Focus
Nov-Dec 2011

Be Street Smart at Home

Pasadena’s police are some of the country’s finest, but they can’t be everywhere. Fight crime and protect yourself and your property with these simple tips.

At home, ward off burglaries with secure locks on your windows and doors. Keep your home well lit, including porch lights and motion sensors, and trim overgrown bushes and trees away from your doors and windows. Write down the serial number of all valuables, take plenty of pictures and, if possible, keep jewelry and important paperwork in a bolted-down safe or safety deposit box.

Whenever you leave home, lock all exterior windows and doors, including the ones in your garage. Never leave a key under your doormat, in a flower bed or on a door ledge – that’s exactly where burglars look first. It’s smart to leave a television or radio on to make it look like you’re home. Likewise, a dog food bowl near your door will make burglars think twice.

If you’re planning a vacation, call to have your mail and newspaper deliveries stopped, and ask a sitter or gardener to keep your yard tidy and watered. Let a trusted neighbor know when you’ll be gone, and give them your emergency contact information. You can also request extra patrols from the Pasadena Police Department by calling 744-4241.

To protect your car, always lock the doors and set the alarm, even when it’s in your garage. Take all valuables inside, including GPS systems, laptops, wallets, purses, cell phones and iPods -- don’t try to “hide” them under the seat or in the trunk. While you’re out and about, always be aware of your surroundings, carry minimal cash and valuables, and grip your belongings firmly to ward off purse snatchers.

The best defense is a good neighbor! If you see any suspicious activity or people in your neighborhood, call the police right away. If you’d like to start or join a Neighborhood Watch group, call Community Services at 744-4551.

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