Pasadena In Focus
Nov-Dec 2011

Shaping Pasadena's Growth


GP_Logo_FINAL_FINAL_colorWe heard you, Pasadena! Nearly 3,000 residents, workers and students responded loud and clear to a General Plan survey this summer, offering input from every zip code in Pasadena.

Pasadena is updating the land use and mobility chapters of its General Plan, a detailed blueprint that shapes how our city will grow over the next decades. The survey was mailed to more than 70,000 households and businesses citywide, giving everyone an opportunity to participate. The survey polled Pasadenans on four land use alternatives devised during two years of community workshops.

Alternative C, which focuses growth near rail stations and major intersections, received the highest level of support in all six planning areas. Alternative B, which focuses on improving the local economy, had the second highest level of support in most areas. However, survey results for the Central District were more diverse, where Alternatives B, C and D (reducing development capacity throughout the city) all received 20 to 30 percent support. Alternative A, which redirects growth away from the Central District and into other areas, had the lowest level of support citywide. The General Plan’s existing guiding principles received overwhelming support.

These survey results serve as a starting point for city planners to begin drafting a concept land use plan, also factoring in the guiding principles, economic development plans, the city’s environmental goals and other considerations. Watch for a draft plan to be presented to the community, city commissions and city council beginning in February. To see the full survey results and stay in the loop, visit www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan or call 744-6807.

Photo (above): Residents participating in a community workshop on the General Plan Survey.



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