Pasadena In Focus
September - October 2011

Stay Current With PWP

Like keeping up with important news from your community-owned utility? Now you can get up-to-the-minute information about PWP by visiting our online news magazine, “Currents,” launching October 1.

You’ll find breaking news about our popular rebate programs and workshops, public meetings, service interruptions, street closures, rate adjustments, city policy changes, and major utility projects, like the proposed reclaimed water distribution system and power plant renovation.
We’ll also feature regular spotlights on people and businesses in Pasadena that are doing their part to be more efficient and save water and energy. (Let us know if we should put the spotlight on you!)

And of course you’ll be able to send us your comments and forward all these news items to your social media friends.

“Currents” will also host regular surveys on a variety of emerging topics that are important to our customers, like electric vehicles, smart meters and energy efficiency solutions.

Bookmark www.PWPCurrents.com on your browser, and we’ll meet you there on October 1.

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