Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2011

Get with the (Summer Savings) Program!

You might be one of 25,000 electric customers selected at random who will start receiving free home energy reports this summer as part of PWP’s new pilot program aimed at reducing home energy use.
Along with progress charts and personalized tips, the bi-monthly reports show customers (anonymously) how their energy use compares to 100 similar-sized homes in their neighborhoods. Research has shown this kind of comparative data is interesting and meaningful to people. When coupled with energy-saving tips, it's a great way to motivate our customers to make smart changes.
PWP will monitor the results of the pilot program over the next two years and, if it proves effective, may expand it to include all residential customers. Meanwhile, you can get started on your very own summer energy-saving program with these tips:
• Close the drapes. Sunlight passing through windows heats your home and makes your air conditioner work harder. Block out the heat by keeping blinds or drapes closed on sunny days.
• Install a solar attic fan and get a rebate from PWP. Attic air temperatures can reach up to 150° on a hot day, making your air conditioner work harder to keep the rest of your home cool. An attic fan pushes hot air outside but works on free solar power from the sun.
• Hang laundry in the shade to dry. Your dryer uses about 20 percent of the total power your appliances consume. Clothes hang-dry fast in semi-arid Pasadena, saving energy and sparing wear and tear on your clothes.
• Invest in programmable thermostats which are low-cost and easy to install. Set yours for 78° when you’re home and program it to go off when you’re away. What could be easier?
Get more summer energy-saving tips at www.cityofpasadena.net/saveenergy.

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