Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2011

Help Shape Pasadena’s Voting Districts

Pasadena is divided geographically into seven districts, with one city council member elected in each. Following state and federal law, district boundaries are reviewed every 10 years based on new U.S. Census data.
Pasadena’s Redistricting Task Force, made up of nine community volunteers appointed by the mayor and city council in June, will review the Census data, consider demographics and other characteristics of each district and invite public input.
Beginning in late summer, the task force will meet twice a month. The community will be encouraged to attend the meetings, learn about redistricting from experts, ask questions and make suggestions.
Access meeting schedules and more information at www.cityofpasadena.net/cityclerk/redistricting or by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 744-4124.
The Pasadena City Council will learn more about redistricting during its regular meeting Monday, July 18, which will be open to the public and televised live on KPAS and via streaming video online.
The task force will make recommendations to the city council in spring 2012.

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