Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2011

Investing in Our Future

Mountain vistas, world-class architecture, flowering plazas, bustling sidewalks: Since it first was envisioned nearly a century ago, Pasadena’s Civic Center was meant to be the heart of our city.
Now the Civic Center-Midtown District Public Improvements Project has infused new life into the area.
Launched in November as a follow-up to the retrofit and renovation of Pasadena City Hall, the ambitious project is beautifying and enhancing streets and sidewalks in the Civic Center from Central Library to the Civic Auditorium as well as Holly Street between Garfield and Marengo avenues and Colorado Boulevard between Euclid Avenue and Arroyo Parkway.
In line with the city’s General Plan, the project is meant to maintain vital infrastructure, preserve our city’s historic charm, nurture our local economy and showcase Pasadena as a cultural destination.
A long list of improvements will give the area a unified look while making it much more inviting for pedestrians, bicyclists and commuters. Soon you will find quaint brick sidewalks, eye-catching crosswalks, new and upgraded street lights, welcoming signage and benches. A new layout will ease parking along Garfield Avenue, and the area will feature storm drain upgrades, new curbs, gutters and accessible curb ramps.
Eight palm trees and 10 ginkgoes will join the beloved ficus trees on Colorado Boulevard, and lush landscaping will bloom along Holly Street.
During construction, parking around City Hall may be a challenge. In addition to limited street parking, there are plenty of parking structures and surface parking lots within two blocks.
In October, construction crews will leave behind a beautiful new space for generations to come.
Learn more at www.cityofpasadena.net/publicworks/ engineering or call 744-4720.

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