Pasadena In Focus
May - June 2011

Cut Back on Summer Wildfires

As spring turns to summer the Pasadena Fire Department is conducting brush clearance inspections to prevent hillside wildfires. If you live in a high-risk area, watch for a brochure outlining state mandates that help keep you and your neighbors safe. Firefighters are also on hand to answer your questions about managing brush, fire-safe landscaping, codes and ordinances.

In general, the Fire Department recommends you keep any native chaparral because it helps stabilize slopes and control erosion. Mow any grass and weeds and trim shrubs and trees.

If you’re relandscaping, keep groundcovers no taller than 24 inches, plant shrubs and trees at least 18 feet apart and choose varieties with high moisture content such as ice plant, citrus, oak and oleander. Add three inches of mulch to suppress weeds.

You can protect your home by cleaning leaves, needles and twigs from roof gutters; soaking trees and shrubs monthly to maintain leaf moisture content; pruning trees properly; and keeping your property free of debris, like dried vegetation, cuttings and wood piles.

For more information call 744-4668.

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