Pasadena In Focus
May - June 2011

Hit the Brakes Before the Crosswalk

With a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, a brand-new public education campaign reminds drivers to stop before cruising over double white crosswalk lines.

Those extra two feet help make Pasadena a safer place to walk. City traffic engineers report that most collisions with pedestrians happen at intersections with traffic signals, and more than 80 percent were the drivers’ fault. All drivers become pedestrians, they note, as soon as we step out of our cars, so pedestrian safety affects all of us.
Featuring Pasadena’s safety mascots Dena the pedestrian and Otis the driver, the “Stop Before the Line” campaign includes a new website – www.cityofpasadena.net/trans/watch4pedestrians - plus billboards, public service announcements and community events. Pasadena retailers will also provide stickers, magnetic decals and posters in English and Spanish.

The campaign builds on a previous OTS grant that has helped the Pasadena Police Department improve pedestrian safety by targeting drunk driving, excessive speed, red-light offenses and other traffic violations at intersections. For more information call 744-6900.

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