Pasadena In Focus
March - April 2011

How and Where Should Pasadena Grow?

Should we slow down development in the center of town and direct it east? Focus building around light rail stations and bus stops? Do everything it takes to bolster Pasadena’s economy?

As part of the ongoing General Plan update, hundreds of participants took part in an intensive workshop, or charrette, in November, devising four plan alternatives that represent the varying perspectives in the community regarding land use and mobility patterns in the future. 

Alternative A calls for new development limits in the Central District and for growth to be directed to East Pasadena and other business districts; Alternative B calls for “smart growth” strategies, targeting development along transportation lines; Alternative C calls for maximizing economic vitality and job creation; and Alternative D adheres to the vision and intent of the existing General Plan (protecting neighborhoods and directing growth to specific areas) while reducing development capacity citywide.

City staff are evaluating the impacts of all alternatives, projecting how they would affect jobs, housing, traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, quality of life and much more. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll be invited to attend a series of community workshops this spring where you can learn more about the alternatives and weigh the pros and cons of each. In June, everyone will receive a survey asking for feedback on which alternative, or combination of alternatives, they prefer. The community’s feedback will be the basis for a new General Plan that will guide the city’s growth over the next 10 years and beyond. 

Pasadena’s future is quickly taking shape. For the latest news and workshop details or to join the mailing list, visit www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan or call 744-6807.

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