Pasadena In Focus
March - April 2011

New Report Details Green Successes

Congratulations! You likely played a big role in helping Pasadena cut waste and use its resources wisely last year. As revealed in the newly published 2010 Green City Report, Pasadena Water and Power customers cut city power demand by 4.45 megawatts (enough for about 1,112 Pasadena homes), installed 100 new solar power systems and cut water use by 15 percent.

The report details progress on Pasadena’s Green City Action Plan with 21 specific goals for energy, water, waste reduction, urban design, urban nature, transportation and environmental health. 

We’ve already accomplished eight of them, using green power to meet 10 percent of our city’s needs by 2012, cutting trash disposal by 20 percent by 2012, completing a tree inventory, devising a new green rating system for municipal buildings, protecting important habitats and advancing higher density, mixed use, pedestrian- and bike-friendly neighborhoods. We’ve also added 30 acres to Hahamongna Watershed Park, woven sustainability into the city’s General Plan and crafted a 25-year water-supply plan.

We’ll keep up the momentum in 2011, with continued focus on outdoor water conservation, new solar projects, lockable recycling bins and an action plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Join the effort at www.cityofpasadena.net/greencity or call 744-7546.

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