Pasadena In Focus
November - December 2010

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season with these tips from the Pasadena Police Department.

Away for the holidays or out for the day

• Lock all doors and windows –even if your only gone for a few minutes
• Set the Alarm if you have one
• Ask a neighbor to pick up mail and newspapers daily
• Have interior and exterior lights go on/off on timers – give your home the appearance that someone is there
• Leave a radio on
• Don’t leave presents under the tree where they are visible from a door or window.

At home

• Always ask who’s there when the door bell rings or there is a knock at the door. Burglars sometimes case residential neighborhoods for unattended homes and unsuspecting victims. If you suspect this is happening, a description of the person and a vehicle if possible.
• Do not open the door if you are suspicious of the person on the other side
• Many con artists take advantage of holiday generosity by going door to door. Always ask for identification or printed information before you make a donation, or ask where you can mail a check.
• Leave porch lights and outside lights on during evening/night time hours.

Out Shopping

• Lock your car and put all packages and valuables – including cell phones and GPS units – in the trunk of your car where they can’t be seen
• Park in well-lit and populated areas, and as close to stores as possible
• Avoid isolated elevators and stairwells
• If possible, don’t shop alone – invite a friend or relative to go with you
• If you use public transportation, don’t get on or off at isolate stops, don’t carry valuables or wear flashy jewelry, and sit close to or with other passengers.
• Be aware of your surroundings and watch for suspicious people around you
• Look confident as you walk
• Avoid risky situations such as alleys and isolated areas.
• If you have to carry a purse, hold it in tucked close to the front of your body
• Don’t leave your purse or shopping bags unattended
• Don’t overload yourself with packages and bags
• Make sure children know what to do and who to tell if they become separated from you; teach them to go to a store cashier, security guard or police officer
• Avoid pickpockets; be aware of strangers who involve you in irrelevant conversation, push or bump into you
• If robbers or purse-snatchers threaten you, given them what they want. Remember, none of it is worth your life.
• Report all suspicious or criminal activity immediately. Dial 9-1-1 on your cell phone or quickly ask some for help


• Keep alcohol consumption to a limit
• Don’t drink and drive!


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