Pasadena In Focus
November - December 2010

Pasadena’s Land Use and Mobility Elements – The Update Continues

A multiple-day November charrette has included a review of community themes that will guide the Land Use and Mobility Elements of the General Plan, translation of community interests and concerns into planning maps and diagrams that illustrate how Pasadena should grow and change, where buildings and natural open space should be located, and how we can prioritize clean and simple travel into the next decade.

Soon detailed analysis will be conducted on how alternatives that address land use and mobility issues raised by the community last year and this year would affect traffic, the economy, the environment and more. The draft alternatives and the analysis of impacts will be presented to the community for selection of a preferred alternative in spring 2011.

For more information about the update of the Land Use and Mobility Elements, visit
www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan or call 744-6807

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