Pasadena In Focus
September - October 2010

Shiny New Solar Rebate for Income-qualified Customers

housePasadena has big goals for using green power. It’s going to take everyone leaning green to keep our ship steering toward a sustainable course. The Pasadena Solar Initiative invites “all aboard” with a new, higher solar rebate for income-qualified customers. New and existing multifamily affordable housing complexes where 80 percent of the units are reserved for very-low-income residents whose household income is at or below 50 percent of the county median are eligible. The solar PV system must be connected to these units, as well as to common areas like hallways, recreation rooms, laundry rooms, patios and parking areas. Individual low-income homeowners may also be eligible.

If you qualify for the program, PWP offers 63¢ per kilowatt hour of metered output, paid
in five annual payments, for systems of 1 to 1,000 kilowatts. If your system does not exceed 30 kilowatts, you can choose the upfront rebate of $4 per watt installed. Learn more at

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