Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2010

Keep Coyotes at a Safe Distance

 If you think you spotted a coyote, you probably did! According to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, there are more coyotes in Southern California than ever before and many of them live on our neighborhood streets.

These wild animals are omnivores, meaning they feed on rabbits, rodents and birds, as well as berries and plants. If they’re hungry enough, coyotes will prey on small pets such as dogs and cats.

They’ve also been known to carry rabies, the Pasadena Public Health Department warns, so keep them away with these tips:

  Make sure your dogs are spayed or neutered and their vaccines are up to date. Bring small pets inside with you at night.

  Keep pet food, water dishes and bird feeders inside.

  Make sure outdoor trash can lids are on tight and keep compost contained.

  Pick up fallen fruit every day.

  Clear excess brush and wood piles that may serve as shelter.

  Make sure the fence or wall around your yard is at least six feet tall with no gaps.

  Coyotes have been known to hurdle over fences, so make sure yours is at the maximum allowable height with no gaps underneath.

  Consider installing motion-sensor lighting or sprinklers.

While outdoors, especially in hillside areas, keep children and pets close to you.
If you find yourself in the presence of a coyote, look it in the eye, try to appear as large as possible, wave your arms, throw rocks and make loud noises. Try spraying it with a hose. Never turn your back or run away – this makes their “chase” instinct kick in.
For more tips or to report sightings, call the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA at 792-7151 and press 9 or dial ext. 102.

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