Pasadena In Focus
May - June 2010

The Sun Sets July 1 for Higher Solar Rebates

Since January 2008 our Pasadena Solar Initiative has offered some of the highest rebates for solar PV systems, outshining many other utilities nationwide. Spurred on by a $3.15-per-watt incentive for residential installations, special rates for non-profits and businesses, competitive retail pricing and a 30 percent federal tax credit, Pasadena is fast approaching a milestone of one megawatt of local solar power generation.

With interest in solar rising sharply over the past two years, Pasadena Solar Initiative funds are being depleted faster than expected. Rebate rates for residential customers will decrease by 25 percent – to $2.40 per watt – on July 1. If you’re considering solar, be sure to apply soon before the sun sets on the higher rebate rate.

In the near future PWP will refund solar customers for surplus generation and may begin compensating solar PV customers for the electricity they add to the city’s grid through feed-in tariff rates and cash refunds for surplus generation. Visit www.cityofpasadena.net/solar to learn more and start the rebate application process today! 

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