Pasadena In Focus
May - June 2010

Rules of the Road: Stay Safe on Two Wheels

 When you’re riding a bike, a faux pas could be deadly. Learn the rules of the road with a new bicycle safety brochure from the Transportation Department. Designed to fit in your pocket, the brochure is available at local bookstores and bike shops; you can also access it at www.cityofpasadena.net/transportation/Bicycling.

Printed in English and Spanish, the brochure explains how to share Pasadena’s roads safely with cars and trucks. It covers everything from obvious rules, such as cycling in the same direction as vehicular traffic and using hand signals, to lesser known biking etiquette: Should you weave between parked cars? (No.) Is it legal to cycle outside a marked bike lane? (Only if you’re avoiding a hazard.) Should you pass a car on the right? (No because the driver probably won’t see you.)

Pasadena is working hard to become a city where it’s safe, easy and fun to get around on two wheels. Find more, including a downloadable bike map, news on bike parking and the latest on Pasadena’s Bicycle Master Plan, at the website listed above or by calling 744-7254.

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