Pasadena In Focus
March - April 2010

Keep Shopping Carts at Shops!

 Responding to concerns about abandoned shopping carts littering our streets,  the Pasadena City Council strengthened the city’s municipal code in 2008. A city ordinance now prohibits shoppers from abandoning their carts on streets, sidewalks and vacant lots, and allows code compliance officers to cite stores whose carts are found abandoned. The ordinance also requires stores that receive 10 or more citations within a 30-day period to install electronic wheel-locking systems.

Since the new ordinance was put in place, three local retailers have been required to install the systems, which stops carts in their tracks once they cross a line surrounding the parking lot. This has proven effective and we’re seeing a drop in neighborhood blight from the carts. To report an abandoned shopping cart call 744-8227; for more information call 744-4633.

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