Pasadena In Focus
March - April 2010

Housing Searches Made Easy

Find an affordable place to rent at www.PasadenaHousingSearch.com. Launched this fall by the city’s Housing Department, the online Pasadena Housing Resource Center helps renters track down hard-to-find low- and moderately priced apartments. Use of the site is free for renters and landlords.

Only available units are listed. On a recent day, nearly two dozen apartments were available in the Pasadena city limits, ranging from 0-3 bedrooms with rents from $515 to $2,000. You can also widen your search to include the greater Pasadena area or all of Los Angeles County.

If you don’t have computer access, call a toll-free number (877) 428-8844 to reach a bilingual call center. A customer service representative will conduct the search for you and send the results via fax, email or postal mail. You can also use public computers at any Pasadena public library or a public computer in the Housing Department’s lobby, 649 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 202. If you want to use a public computer and think you need help with your research, call 744-8328 to schedule an appointment.

The site also includes hard-to-find Section 8 housing, enabling voucher holders who may have been on the waiting list for years to find units before their vouchers expire. Of the current Pasadena listings, 86 percent accept Section 8.

The site also helps local workers find housing in and around Pasadena, helps victims of fires and natural disasters find new homes quickly, and provides a great tool for caseworkers and homeless service agencies helping clients.


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