Pasadena In Focus
March - April 2010

Everyone Wins When You Fill Out the Form

Taken just once every 10 years, the Census is the only actual, reliable count of Pasadena’s population. The answers you give benefit everyone!

City officials use the data to help make future plans through 2020, and other government agencies estimate the number, makeup, habits and needs of Pasadena residents.

Local non-profits use the data to demonstrate community needs when they apply for grants from government agencies and corporations. The numbers help paint a clear, compelling picture of the diverse levels of income, education and employment in Pasadena, helping to secure funding, services and other resources.

You count! From mid-March to mid-April, Census workers will be available at Pasadena public libraries, Villa-Parke Community Center, Jackie Robinson Center and other questionnaire assistance centers to help Pasadena residents fill out their forms– in English and other languages. (Go to www.census.gov in mid-March for a full schedule.)

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