Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2010

A Happy New Year – Thanks to You!

As we mark the New Year, party hats go off to you for making 2009 an outstanding “green” year worth celebrating.

Nearly fours years ago, Pasadena’s Green City Action Plan set ambitious goals to cut the city’s reliance on coal, boost the proportion of green power, cut greenhouse gas emissions and more.

Notably in 2009, the community worked with PWP to craft a 20-year energy supply plan that also incorporates Pasadena’s Green City objectives. A diverse stakeholder advisory group and participants at a series of public workshops hashed over a range of “power mix” scenarios – from low-cost but higher emission plans that would rely mainly on coal, to an all-wind-and-solar plan that would have brought transmission constraints and 42 percent higher rates. The consensus, approved by the city council in April 2009, was a balanced plan that will move Pasadena steadily toward its environmental goals without compromising reliable service or creating an unacceptable rate impact. Key components of the 2009 Integrated Resource Plan include:

• 33 percent reduction in coal power (35 megawatts) by 2016

• Increasing the proportion of green power in PWP’s mix to 40 percent by 2020

• Achieving 19 MW of locally owned solar photovoltaic power by 2024

• Replacing an old generating unit at our local power plant with a new, more efficient one

• Cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent by 2020

Also in fiscal year 2009, our community replaced 224,000 incandescent light bulbs with efficient CFLs during the “Power of 10 Challenge,” cut power demand by 5.42 megawatts, met eight percent of its electricity needs with green power, doubled the number of solar power installations and reduced water consumption by 12 percent. 

Water Usage Gauge