Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2010

Plan a Future with Plenty of Water

Pasadena finalized its 20-year plan for energy supply last spring, thanks to tremendous input from Pasadena residents and businesses. The outcome was a plan that sets our community-owned utility on an aggressive track to achieving green goals while preserving competitive rates.

Now it’s time to plan for the future of another vital topic – water – and we’re anxious to hear your thoughts and ideas once again. The Water Integrated Resource Plan (WIRP) is the most comprehensive water-planning effort in PWP’s 100-year history. Its purpose is to map out a reliable, safe and sustainable water supply in Pasadena over the next 25 years.

At the first WIRP workshop in November, participants made suggestions for long-term water-supply objectives including ensuring a reliable supply for essential uses, providing equitable allocation during water shortages and protecting natural waterways. City leaders are now pulling together a diverse group of stakeholders to refine these objectives before the next public workshop in April.

PWP invites you to go to www.cityofpasadena.net/waterplan and tell us what you would like to see in the WIRP. Take a survey, send comments and join the mailing list!

Water Usage Gauge