Pasadena In Focus
January - February 2010

What’s Up Next for Pasadena’s General Plan?

City planners are sifting through a goldmine of ideas, concerns and visions collected from thousands who are helping shape Pasadena’s future. More than 3,000 residents, business owners, students and community leaders have joined the effort to update the General Plan, the “blueprint” that will guide the city’s growth over the next decade and beyond.

During dozens of events, Pasadenans were asked their opinions on land use and mobility issues. Participants weighed in on what they love most about the city, what they’re concerned about and what they want for Pasadena’s future.

What’s next? City staff and the General Plan Update Advisory Committee (GPUAC) will create an outreach summary report that will encapsulate all the key themes heard so far.

Expected to be unveiled this winter, the report will be circulated to advisory commissions and the community will be invited to a public meeting in March to provide further comment before it is presented to the city council by May. The report will be the launching pad for the next steps as city staff and GPUAC take a closer look at the existing General Plan and help pinpoint specific solutions for the land use and mobility concerns identified during the first round of outreach.

The community will be invited to another series of outreach opportunities in Autumn 2010. The selected preferences will be translated into specific policies and strategies that will be incorporated into a new draft General Plan that will be circulated widely to the city’s advisory commissions – and throughout the community – before it is presented to the city council for final approval in late 2010.

You can stay informed and active in the coming months by visiting www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan and signing up for e-mail updates on the latest happenings. You can also pore through documents, submit online comments and even join the General Plan Facebook page (type in Pasadena General Plan at www.facebook.com). For more information call 744-6807.

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