Pasadena In Focus
September - October 2009

The Smackdown is On!

After voting in May to set restrictions for all Pasadena water users, the District 2 and District 6 council members challenged each other to a water smackdown.

“If we’re going to ask our constituents to abide by these rules,” said one, “we should be the first to set the standard, and in a public way.”

A PWP auditor has thoroughly scrutinized the rivals’ indoor and outdoor water use and set goals for each household based on family size, number of water-using appliances, and square footage of lawns and gardens. Progress is being monitored; look for the first round of results at www.cityofpasadena.net/savewater.

With ongoing drought and new limits on water imported from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), the new water-waste ordinance and a new water rate structure are intended to encourage everyone in Pasadena to cut water use by at least 10 percent.

By taking a few simple measures such as shorter showers, water-smart fixtures and appliances, and low-water landscaping, everyone in Pasadena will be a winner! 

Water Usage Gauge