Pasadena In Focus
2009 General Plan Special Edition

Guiding Principles Direct Our Plans

Pasadena’s General Plan is based on seven guiding principles that work together to reflect our community’s enduring values. Created through a process of community input, they were adopted in 1994 and reaffirmed with the General Plan update in 2004. These principles are again the subject of review in the 2009 General Plan update. As we look to the future, do you think these principles give us the balance we need? Should other principles be added?
  • Growth will be targeted to serve community needs and enhance the quality of life.

  • Change will be harmonized to preserve Pasadena’s historic character and environment.

  • Economic vitality will be promoted to provide jobs, services, revenues and opportunities.

  • Pasadena will be promoted as a healthy family community.

  • Pasadena will be a city where people can circulate without cars.

  • Pasadena will be promoted as a cultural, scientific, corporate, entertainment and educational center for the region.

  • Community participation will be a permanent part of achieving a greater city.

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