Pasadena In Focus
2009 General Plan Special Edition

Planning Through the Years: Preserving Our Strengths

Pasadena looks very different than it did in 1886, the year it was incorporated as an official city. Six generations of Pasadenans have managed to shape, grow and nurture it to their liking, creating a vibrant community that has stayed true to its decades-old roots.

Now it’s our turn. With the 2009 General Plan update, we’ll all have a hand in directing Pasadena’s future while upholding its longstanding values.

Priorities past and present are remarkably similar. Whether in 1909 or 2009, our community has professed its commitment to neighborhoods and architecture with character, trees, open space, vibrant business districts, a diverse population, transportation choices, arts and culture and opportunities for learning, with devoted support for our museums, libraries and world-class institutions.

As a result, Pasadena’s General Plan adapts to changing demographics and community needs while upholding our city’s unique qualities and sense of place. During the booming years of the 1920s and the period after World War II, Pasadenans created expansive new neighborhoods and economic growth to match their commitment to civic life. Likewise, the new millennium brought renewed interest in Pasadena’s great strengths, attracting everyone from urban professionals and young families with children to retirees. New residents enjoyed the opportunities created in the 1994 General Plan and confirmed in the 2004 General Plan update.

Now 2009 brings a new opportunity. This year, we are all charged with advancing Pasadena’s environmental goals and directives that have steadily evolved over the past several years. Supporting the city’s 2006 Green City Action Plan, our challenge is to coordinate smart land use and transportation planning to conserve our natural resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal remains unchanged: to cultivate and maintain a vibrant and resilient community with the best possible quality of life for future generations.

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