Pasadena In Focus
2009 General Plan Special Edition

Sparking Dialogue with “Pasadena Stories”

A team of young filmmakers, videos in hand, is roaming the community capturing “Pasadena Stories” as part of the 2009 General Plan update.

The teens and young adults, ages 13 to 18, were recruited to interview Pasadenans of all stripes about their hopes for the city’s future. What do we love most about Pasadena? What would we like to change? Why does it matter? So far, the team has captured vivid and thought-provoking commentary from nearly two dozen participants and more interviews are in the works. The students are learning the ins and outs of video production while helping to capture important voices and perspectives as we craft the city of our dreams.

Watch for the homegrown video snippets at upcoming community events, and at www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan.
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