Pasadena In Focus
2009 General Plan Special Edition

Everyone in the Community is Encouraged to Join In

When the General Plan update is completed, the end result will be a comprehensive printed book with clear direction for Pasadena’s future. But there’s work to do before then!

The city has organized a far-reaching community education and involvement program to make sure the 2009 General Plan update reflects voices of all ages, backgrounds, neighborhoods and interests.

The first phase of this effort started this April when the Pasadena City Council established the General Plan Update Advisory Committee (GPUAC). City planning staff began interviewing more than 100 stakeholders in late spring to “take the temperature” of the community on major land use, transportation and open space concerns.

This summer, more specific ideas will be collected from hundreds of Pasadenans through a series of community workshops, plus exciting new MoveAbout tours that will entice all of us to walk, bike, drive and ride on to six tours across the city to record our impressions.

We’ll begin bringing forward some of the key issues that have emerged this summer and further refine them at seven city council district workshops this fall. This first phase will culminate in a community open house on Nov. 14 featuring panel discussions, informational displays, entertainment, food and children’s activities. Most importantly, Pasadenans will weigh in on emerging priorities that have evolved through discussions throughout the community this summer.

A second phase of community outreach will begin in 2010 to fine-tune these priorities and discuss alternatives and tradeoffs for bringing these broad ideas to life. A draft General Plan will then be prepared for presentation to the community, city advisory commissions and, finally, the city council.  

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