Pasadena In Focus
2009 General Plan Special Edition

Help Guide Pasadena’s Future; Your Ideas Matter!

We live here, play here, shop here, raise children here and work here. But how long has it been since we’ve really come together and thought about Pasadena? How does our community look, feel and function?

panaThis summer, let’s slow down for a bit, stop and smell the roses, maybe pull a few weeds, and create an even more enjoyable Pasadena. The city is launching a major update of our General Plan, and we all need to play a major role.

Much more than just paper and ink, the crucial document has been shaped by residents past and present, laying out a detailed blueprint for our community’s future. Sixteen chapters, called “elements,” address specific topics. As Pasadena inevitably changes, so do our hopes, values, needs and preferences. This summer and fall, everyone is encouraged to come out, speak up, talk with neighbors and be part of the update.

A communitywide outreach effort has been launched to help Pasadenans speak their minds about four of the most important elements: Land Use (where different types of buildings should be located), Mobility (how we get from place to place), and Open Space and Conservation (how open space and natural resources should be preserved). These critical chapters will guide how Pasadena grows and changes, and how we prioritize clean and simple travel well into the next decade.

The aim is to involve thousands of Pasadenans in the update. The outreach also includes fun, self-guided “MoveAbouts,” community workshops, a thought-provoking speaker series, a youth task force and an interactive website -- all designed to collect thoughts, ideas and priorities from every facet of the community.
Later in the fall, council district workshops and a community open house will be held to report on what’s been said and to introduce the next phase of the General Plan update. Please read through this special issue of Pasadena In Focus to learn how you can jump in! You can also call 744-6807 or visit www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan 

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