Pasadena In Focus
July - August 2009

Help Plan for the Future

 Do you have questions or concerns about how the city will grow over the next decade? Do you have opinions about how much development should be permitted and where? Would you like to share your thoughts about how the city of Pasadena should manage impacts of new development, such as traffic? If so, we need to hear from you as the General Plan is updated.

The city is offering a variety of opportunities to voice your opinion over the next several months. Neighborhood associations and community-based organizations are conducting meetings in July; the entire community is invited to participate in “moveabouts” later this summer via foot, auto, transit or bicycle; and city council members will host district meetings in September.

If you’re not participating in one of the neighborhood association or community meetings, feel free to go online and download instructions for conducting your own meeting, then gather friends, neighbors, parishioners, co-workers, fellow business owners or others.

During the moveabouts, you’ll be asked to go to specific areas of Pasadena and provide your feedback about what you see and experience. Maps and instructions will be posted online in August.

All of these activities are being undertaken as a prelude to a larger community event in October where you’ll learn what others have encountered in their activities and help set goals for moving forward with the updates of the General Plan’s Land Use, Mobility, and Open Space and Conservation Elements.

Learn more by visiting www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan or calling 744-4009.

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