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    Do I need a permit to park a moving vehicle on the street?

    If the moving vehicle is 25 feet in length or less a moving permit is not required. However, you are required to park for the time limit posted.  To exceed the limit you may purchase a Temporary Daytime Parking Permit at one of our conveniently located kiosks.  Please note the daytime parking permit is not valid for overnight parking 2am-6am. To facilitate your move you may reserve a parking space in front of your home or business by purchasing Temporary No Parking signs from the Parking Office. The fee for a Temporary No Parking sign is $1.50 each. In addition, if you will be parking at meters you will also be required to pay meter fees. During non-meter hours of operation or when meters are not present, a street usage fee of $1.00 per hour per space will be charged to reserve the parking space for you.

    In order for Temporary No Parking signs to be enforceable, they must be posted at least 24 hours in advance and called in to Parking Enforcement at (626) 744-6440 to confirm posting. Therefore, you must obtain Temporary No Parking signs and post them at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled move date and time.

    Please click here for Moving Vehicle Parking Permit.

    In order to ensure public safety, if the moving vehicle is 26 feet in length or over you are required to obtain a Moving Permit. Please download the attached application and forward it to the Parking office at least 10 days prior to your moving date so that our Traffic Division has sufficient time to review your application and issue a moving vehicle permit. It is recommended that you obtain approval on the size of your moving vehicle prior to renting or scheduling your move.

    Why am I required to obtain a Moving Vehicle Permit if my vehicle is over 26 feet in length?

    Due to a recent increase in the use of large moving trucks within the city of Pasadena and to ensure public safety and protect the rights of everyone using the public right of way for parking, a Moving Vehicle Permit is required for vehicles over 26 feet in length.

    What is the fee for a Moving Vehicle Permit and what do the fees cover?

    The fee for a Moving Vehicle Permit is $61.60. Additional fees apply if you need to park your moving vehicle at meters. The fee covers processing of your permit by the Parking Office and review of your application by the Traffic Division. It includes the issuance of up to four Temporary No Parking signs. The Traffic Division will review your application to ensure that your moving vehicle does not create a traffic hazard, community inconvenience or nuisance, ensure that there is sufficient space for you to park the moving vehicle without blocking driveways and that there is no sight visibility issues at intersections and adjacent driveways.

    Does my Moving Permit exempt me from other posted regulations?

    The Moving Permit reserves the space to park your moving vehicle and exempts the vehicle from the time restrictions only.

    A Moving Permit does not exempt the moving vehicle from the following restrictions: “No Stopping” zones, handicapped zones (Blue Curb), “Tow Away” zones, fire hydrants, taxi zones, red curbs, bus zones, no parking for street cleaning, passenger loading zones (White Curb), commercial loading zones, parking meters (unless arrangements have been made with the Parking Office), and temporary parking or stopping restrictions. It is recommended that the applicant read the posted signage prior to completing the Moving Permit Application.

    Am I allowed to park my moving vehicle overnight?

    Moving vehicles may only be parked on the public right of way between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Moving vehicles parked on a city street after 10:00 pm shall be subject to citation.

    Day and Overnight Permit Kiosk Locations
    TOPEK Locations:

    Pasadena Police Dept. - 207 N Garfield Ave.

    Fire Station #32 - 2424 E Villa St.

    Fire Station #33 - 515 N Lake Ave

    Fire Station #36 - 1140 N Fair Oaks Ave.

    Fire Station # 34 - 1360 E Del Mar Blvd.

    NOTE: Overnight Parking Permits are not valid for vehicles that exceed 7 feet in height, width or 20 feet in length.


    Moving Vehicle Parking Permit Application 

  • Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium

    Please note: Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium – 2 am to 6 am, from December 23 thru January 3. Vehicles legally parked on the street during the aforementioned hours and dates will not receive a citation for overnight parking. Overnight parking citations will resume being issued the morning of January 4, at 2 am.

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