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    The Senior Issues office participates in region-wide efforts to improve the lives of seniors. Efforts focus on such areas as enhanced transportation services for seniors; determining the state of and addressing senior issues in Pasadena through hearings, conferences, and information meetings; promoting greater access to services for non-English speaking seniors; tracking pending legislation and societal trends with respect to senior trends, and encouraging appropriate planning reflective of such trends. City staff works with the Senior Commission to identify key senior issues and enhance services, activities and policies citywide.

    For more information, please call (626) 744-4386. Fax: (626) 744-6821.

    The Pasadena Senior Commission compiled this useful phone number for seniors list. The list is available in English and Spanish. The Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Jackie Robinson Community Center, 1020 N. Fair Oaks Avenue.

    For more information on the Commission, visit their website http://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/commissions/senior-commission/

        Useful Phone Numbers For Seniors
        List de Números útiles para personas de la tercera edad

    Think Prevention First

    The Pasadena Senior Commission is focusing efforts in launching a fraud prevention campaign called “Think Prevention First.” The campaign is aimed at combating fraud and scams targeting seniors to ensure residents are empowered to identify report and stop such activities before becoming a victim. For this effort to be successful, enlisting community partners to bring together resources and providing education and outreach to residents is critical. To get the word out on preventing fraud, the Senior Commission is hosting educational workshops within senior care facilities and various program sites. In addition, the Commission has collaborated with State Senator Carol Liu to host a series of workshops this spring. The first workshop is on Friday, February 27 from 10 am to noon at the Robinson Park Recreation Center. To learn more about how to host a “Think Prevention First” workshop, attend the upcoming fraud prevention workshop and facts about preventing fraud, please see the attached resources below.

    Fraud Prevention Outreach

    Senior Scam Stopper

     Fraud Prevention Fact Sheet 


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