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    The Pasadena Youth Council (PYC) is the official advisory body for the City of Pasadena that represent the youth of Pasadena. PYC is a sub-body to the Human Services Commission.

    Goals of the Pasadena Youth Council:
    · Provide youth with a forum for civic engagement in Pasadena
    · Advance the vision for youth in accordance with the City’s Policy on Children, Youth and Families
    · Create opportunities for youth involvement in decision-making in the community on matters affecting youth

    The Pasadena Youth Council was re-established in November of 2008. The Youth Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month from 6:30-8:00pm.


    Click here to download The Pasadena Youth Council Application 2014-2015

    2012-2013 Youth Council Members

    Executive Committee
    Vice Chairs:

    Christian Clark
    Holden Penaranda
    Betty Ogba
    Stephanie Liu
    Maimouna Diarra
    Cheyenne Smith
    Ashley Ramos
    Bennet Pearson
    Casey Shatraw
    Cheyenne Smith
    Christian Clark
    Cloe Zarifian
    Declan Hindman
    Diego Arroyo
    Hannah Zamora
    Holden Penaranda   
    Jonathan Ramos
    Kandice Horton-Gomez
    Kim Mejia
    Louis Wallen
    Betty Ogba
    Madison Triplett
    Maimouna Diarra
    Maya Hammond
    Stephanie Liu
    Talia Gonzalez
    Victoria Slack

    Past Events/Community Service:

    Youth Council Networking Event
    Tree Planting
    Human Services Fall Festival
    Turkey Distribution
    Mayor’s Tree Lighting Event
    Meal Distribution Program

    Community Forums/Policy Review:

    School/City Work Plan
    Policy on Children, Youth and Families
    Human Services Needs Assessment

    Programs for Youth

    Northwest Ambassador Program
    The goal of the Northwest Ambassador Program is to promote work experience and job opportunities for youth. This program is only for Pasadena area high school students. They work on different events from being docents to serving senators and helping the community. For more information, please click here.

    Day One
    Day One is a nonprofit organization who assists youth with drug and alcohol prevention. Day One trains high school students to become positive role models.

    Summer Rose (Rewarding Opportunities in Summer Employment) Program
    The Summer ROSE Program provides summer employment opportunities for eligible Pasadena youth ages16 to 21. For over 30 years, the program has annually employed almost 200 youth workers in various job fields, historically in the public sector. In 2014, efforts are underway to expand these opportunities to the private sector by recruiting Pasadena businesses to sponsor youth as a Host Employer. For more information on how to apply as a youth worker or become a Host Employer, click here.

    Workforce Investment ACT (WIA) Youth Program
    The Workforce Investment ACT (WIA) Youth Program is a year round program, providing eligible youth the support, education, and training that will assist in identifying and developing career objectives, while completing a high school education.

    Neighbors Acting Together Helping All (NATHA)
    NATHA is a neighborhood association since 1991. NATHA began as a Neighborhood Watch group in the low-income Lincoln Corridor of Northwest Pasadena. The Navarro Avenue Tremont Howard Association quickly outgrew its original charter and boundaries. Its current name keeps the original acronym, but better reflects its mission through two programs, Youth Development and Community Development.


    -Reside in Pasadena, CA
    -Attend a middle school or high school located in Pasadena, CA

    Click here to download Application

    To get involved with the Pasadena Youth Council:

    -Attend our events
    -Sit in on a meeting
    -Contact the program coordinator

    For more information on the Pasadena Youth Council or to get information on an upcoming meetings, please contact Maricela Galvez at (626) 744-7304 or email mgalvez@cityofpasadena.net Human Services Commission Liaison: Commissioner Anthony Santilena